All You Need to Check Off Your HIPAA Compliance Requirements

Live Compliance provides all of your HIPAA Privacy and Security Requirements and Measures.

HIPAA compliance is a requirement for Covered Entities and Business Associates to safeguard personal, private, and protected health information. 

Organizations can excel in health care without the struggle of compliance requirements.

Achieving and Maintaining your Compliance requirements

Just got a lot easier!

Not sure if you need to be HIPAA compliant, or not sure if you have everything you need?

Get Started with an Organization Assessment

What is an Organization Assessment?

An Organization Assessment is a high-level assessment of your organization's Technical, Administrative and Physical vulnerabilities and possible deficiencies.​ An Organization Assessment is the foundation required to understand which vulnerabilities exist and need to be remediated. When your Organization Assessment is completed you will receive your risk score, detailed list of vulnerabilities identified and the corrective action plan (CAP)

Schedule an organization assessment and know your vulnerabilities.

Live Compliance helps you forget about HIPAA.....

.....Without actually forgetting about HIPAA



Live Compliance provides you the compliancy program covering all areas required to becoming and remaining HIPAA Compliant.


Your Live Compliance Online Portal is the key central point used to manage and organize all aspects of your organizations compliance.


We are here to support & guide your organization through all areas necessary to comply with, current requirements.

Connie F. Bladon

Executive Director, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Foundation

Working with Jim is a pleasure. They are all very professional and very knowledgeable about their industry. I have referred several physicians, they met with them promptly, addressed their questions and concerns, and put together a plan. You can count on the whole team!

Scott J. Sternberg

Attorney at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates, P.A

Jim is just one of those people who are fully committed to any project handed to him. He is fully proficient in Health Information Technology. Jim is intelligent and prolific, yet practical. I fully recommend Jim, not only as a professional, but also as a person. He is definitely a person that anyone would want to do work with.

Daniel Loch

Vice President, EZClaim

Jim is very passionate about his work. He has a laser like focus on making sure his customers have great service in everything he offers. Live Compliance does not cut any corners. Jim’s experience and passion makes him very good at consulting with and servicing customers. I would recommend Live Compliance to any business.

David Chamberlain

Chief Information Officer / Senior IT Executive

Live Compliance has taken Radiology Affiliates Imaging to the next level with compliance, HIPAA, privacy and security. Jim and his company, Live Compliance, make the HIPAA requirements very manageable. They are always available to help.

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