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According to Health and Human Services HIPAA Federal Regulations, if you belong to the category of ‘Covered Entities’ or ‘Business Associates’, and you handle, access, or transmit protected health information, you and your organization are required to be HIPAA compliant.

Covered Entities include: Private practices, Clinics, Dentists, Psychologists, Nursing Homes, Chiropractors, Pharmacies, Health plans, etc. A Business Associate is any entity that helps a covered entity perform its health care functions.

HIPAA Affects You, And Here's How

who needs to be hipaa compliant?

Compliance and risk management

Providing exceptional healthcare services and meeting the HIPAA compliance standards has challenges

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The cost of a HIPAA violation can be crippling to an organization. The penalties for HIPAA noncompliance can cost up to $50,000 per individual violation. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA is vital for the survival of any health care entity.


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Learn how we can make your work easier

Learn how we can make your work easier

Live Compliance Provides What You Need for
HIPAA Privacy and Security Requirements

Live Compliance HIPAA compliance process diagram
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Security Risk Assessment

            Administrative, Technical, and Physical Security Risk Assessment

            Create a Corrective Action Plan

            Provide Required HIPAA Compliance Documentation

            Meets MU, MIPS, and MACRA Requirements

Training and Education

            Up to Date HIPAA Policies and Procedures

            HIPAA Security Officer Certification Training

            Employee HIPAA Privacy and Security Training 

            Breach Notification

Live Compliance Online Portal

            Centralized, Easy to Use

            Track Risk Analysis and Management

            Weekly Compliance Reminders

            Ability to Manage Multiple Locations