EZClaim and Live Compliance have partnered to bring EZClaim clients all their compliance requirements, including Security Risk Assessment, cybersecurity monitoring, policies and procedures, training and more all at special pricing.

Covered Entities can excel in healthcare without the struggle of compliance and regulations

Your Live Compliance Online Portal is the key central point used to manage and organize all aspects of your organizations compliance requirements. Key features include, document routing and signing, staff portal, LMS and allows easy management your entire compliance program. 


The Live Compliance HIPAA dashboard helps you keep compliance efforts organized and on track. Easily track your risk analysis, risk management plan, training, employees, business associates, vendors, required documents and policies and procedures all in one place.


No Guessing, you, your team and employees receive intuitive and helpful reminders of outstanding items. 

Administrative, Physical, Technical Policies and Procedures

Security Risk

Assessment & Risk Management

Vendor & Document


Employee Portal

HR Portal

Easily Customize

Training, Certification and LMS

Exclusion Verification & Certification Management

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What is an Organization Assessment?

An Organization Assessment is a detailed high-level assessment of your organization's Technical, Administrative and Physical vulnerabilities and possible deficiencies.​ An Organization Assessment is the foundation required to understand which vulnerabilities exist and need to be remediated.


When your Organization Assessment is completed you will receive your risk score, detailed list of vulnerabilities identified and the corrective action plan (CAP)


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Office: (980) 999-1585

Fax: (877) 854-8877

101 North Tryon Street, Suite 112   
Charlotte, NC 28246

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