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Patient Care Coordinator serves time for violation of Minimum Necessary Rule

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

After a year long deliberation by the state of Pennsylvania, it's been decided that a former Patient Care Coordinator, Linda Sue Kalina, will be on probation for the next 3 years following 12 months of imprisonment, for accessing 111 patient records unlawfully.

Of the records accessed, the majority were relatives, old class mates and friends. She claims she was going through a hard time, and looked up their PHI out of curiosity. Kalina claims that she was HIPAA trained, but was unaware of the Minimum Necessary Rule which would prevent her from accessing records for malicious intent.

Proper Termination and Sanction policies and procedures outlined the best next steps for Kalina's employment termination.

Situations like this are common and often highlight why having proper HIPAA training, in plain language so all can understand, is crucial in order to avoid major monetary fines!

Are you prepared to prove that your employee was HIPAA trained and certified if a situation like this occurs at your organization?

Are you able to prove that your organization had an updated set of policies and procedures?


  1. Ensure your staff are HIPAA trained and certified at least annually and ensure you, and your staff have taken Minimum Necessary Rule training. By using Live Compliance HIPAA training, your staff can be trained through our online, role-based, courses! Trainings are delivered and monitored right within your Live Compliance portal.

  2. All of your workforce should sign a Confidentiality Agreement!

  3. Live Compliance portals include a built-in, electronic document signer with automatic reminders! Check off this requirement in less than 3 clicks.

  4. We help write all Policies and Procedures, Documentation, and Change Management! Ask about our custom policies and procedures, and how to implement a policy at your organization to avoid willful neglect to educate staff.

Take advantage of our free Organization Assessment to understand your immediate compliance needs!

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